A Laptop Full Size Keyboard Deserves Your Attention

Tired of the crimpy laptop keyboard!

It’s time for you to look for full size keyboards and laptop stands.


Laptop full size keyboard is for you if you are used to the short-cut keys of the desktop keyboard and are finding the limitations in your laptop keyboard to be too bugging.

Usually the keyboard embedded in the laptops is undersized because of space constraints.

(Hey let us bear it, especially when we demand small, light weight and slicker laptop models).


But then, there is a convenient solution to this problem - Laptop full size keyboards.

With an external, laptop keyboard you can do away with the inconvenience of crimpy little keyboard on your machine.

A full size keyboard for a laptop comes with the advantages of bigger keys, numeric keypads and hot keys. This makes your work enjoyable and faster.

A lot many slim type full size laptop keyboards are just about correct in terms of weight to be carried on the road along with your laptop. You might prefer sticking to the external keyboard when in home or office and make use of the keyboard on your laptop while traveling.

In fact it's worth carrying the additional weight if you are concerned about saving time and saving yourself from fatigue caused by the use of those small keys on the keyboard integrated with the laptop.

Connecting a laptop full size keyboard

An external keyboard plugs into one of the ports of your laptop. Like any other external device that can be integrated with the laptop, a laptop full size keyboard connects through the USB ports. It's also possible to connect an external full size keyboard to the machine via Port Replicators and Docking Stations.

Tips for selecting a keyboard


  • Give special attention to the spacing between keys and the size of the keys on the laptop.
  • Pay attention to the layout of the keys in case you are used to a particular one.
  • It's better to go for a light weight keyboard. That would make traveling with it convenient.
  • Look for any additional keys on the laptop keyboard. The wider the spectrum of keys, easier will be your life in the long run.
  • Be on the look out for spill-proof laptop full size keyboard. There is a specific model from Kensington which offers spill-proof feature.
  • Choose the color of the external keyboard such that it's coherent with the shades of your laptop.

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Posted on Tue 06 December 2016
by Heather
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