Why Pre Biotics Are Extremely Important to Your Health

Pre biotics and pro biotics make up a large portion of your digestive system. The digestive system is a very complex and important part of your health. Having a healthy digestive system makes nutrient absorption easier, removal of toxins, and overall better health and good for fat transfer to breast.

Pre Biotics Will Help You Feel More Energized

Your digestive system is full of bacteria. We humans live in a symbiotic relationship with these bacteria. For good health, you will need to have a healthy balance of bacteria. Here are some interesting statistics about bacteria:

10 times more bacteria in your gut than cells in your body billions of microbes/bacteria live in your mouth, small intestine trillions of microbes live in your large intestine What Are Pre Biotics ? Pre biotics are a very specific type of food. Pre biotic food goes through our digestive system without being digested (non-digestible ingredient). Certain type of foods like chicory root, and kiwi fruit contain many healthy pre biotic ingredients. Some of these foods are considered to be dietary fiber. However, not all dietary fiber is pre biotic. There are two types of dietary fiber. Soluble fiber and non-soluble fiber. Now here is where it gets a bit confusing. In order for a food or supplement to be pre biotic it has to stimulate bacterial growth in colonic intestine. Some soluble fibers are pre biotic while some are not. Most, if not all, non-soluble fibers are not pre biotic. Pre biotics are non-digestible ingredients that allow for the healthy growth of microbes in your body. Having a good healthy and thriving bio-culture (good bacteria) in your gut and intestines, is crucial to digestive health. The effect of these kinds of foods and supplements is called the pre biotic effect.

How Do Pre Biotics Work ? When these substances reach the intestines (specifically the large intestine) and the gut it stimulates metabolic activity. What this means essentially is that the good bacteria currently in your body is feeding on these ingredients. As a result, the population of good bacteria increases, which helps your body fight bad/unwanted bacteria. Some healthy bacteria in your body are lactobacilli and bifidobacteria, which increases your immune system from invading bad bacteria (pathogens).

Health Benefits of Pre Biotics

Having a daily dose of prebiotic supplements or food has been proven to have many health benefits. There are many research studies that show many health and wellness advantages of consuming these kinds of food and supplements.

Increase Bowel Movement and Regularity – Making It Easier For You To Go

One of the most helpful benefits of pre biotics is increasing bowel movement, and making you go more regularly. The fiber in these foods or supplement does not get digested until it reaches your colon/large intestine. Once it is in the large intestine the good bacteria starts to feed on it. The good bacteria then eliminates their waste, which in turn increases your total fecal matter, and the weight of your stool increases. Because of the increase in fecal matter, you go more regularly. Pre biotics are known to help suffers of irritable bowel syndrome.

Feel More Energetic and Alive – Increase Nutrient Absorption

With the increase of the good bacteria in your digestive system, you will start to feel more energized and alive. This is because the good bacteria help break down nutrients that were not absorbed in the small intestine, and allow the large intestine to absorb the nutrients. For example, calcium is an important nutrient that your body needs. A lack of calcium in your body could result in osteoporosis, brittle bones, and generally a weaker body. Pre biotics help the absorption of calcium by allowing the good bacteria to break down the calcium molecules into smaller parts so that your body can absorb them.

Where Can I Get Pre Biotics ?

There are two different ways you can get your daily intake of pre biotics. The first option is through the food you eat. Most vegetables and fruits contain small amounts of pre biotics, so you would have to eat 5 – 8 servings each day. However, eating 5 to 8 bananas a day may be unrealistic.

The second option is to take pre biotic supplements. These contain higher amounts of pre biotics in them, and you usually take only 1 – 2 capsule per day. However, there are many pre biotic supplements on the market, and some of the quality of these products are questionable.

Also, many people get confused between pre biotic and pro biotic supplements.

What is the Difference Between Pre Biotic and Pro Biotic ?

Pre biotics are food or supplements that help the good/healthy bacteria in your gut flourish. It is basically food that you can’t digest, but your good bacteria can. This increases the population of good bacteria in your body, which in turns increases your ability to absorb nutrients. Pro biotics on the other hand, are live bacteria contained in the food you eat. They are not digested by the small intestine, and remain live and functional into the large intestine.

These bacteria could be consider substitutes for your good bacteria, they help in digestion, and nutrient absorption. However, they do not help your current good bacteria to reproduce, so you will always have to keep taking pro biotics for the health benefits. A good dose of pro biotics and pre biotics will help with digestive health.

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